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First Podcast!!!! – Addressing the Heart of the Rhetoric Student

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First ever Classical Revival Podcast!!!

What do you do when your student becomes passive or disinterested in the rhetoric stage? Address the heart. Pastor Duane DenBoer has a unique position as a Challenge II Director with Classical Conversations, a national classical education homeschool community.   He meets with students once a week and reviews the math, Latin, literature, logic, art/music history and biology.  Where most Directors (tutors) are homeschool moms, he is both a homeschool dad and a pastor with a heart for shepherding his flock.  And he views his class as part of this flock.  Listen to the podcast to find out how he teaches classical subjects and addresses the heart issues of people as they understand great literature, art, and culture.

I’ll let you glean the nuggets of wisdom in the first ever podcast (soon to be available on iTunes).  Listen to his definition of classical, why students benefit from learning Latin and addressing the challenges of the rhetoric stage.

You must know, that one of the reasons I asked Duane for the interview, is that he’s created the MOST VALUABLE Visual Guide to Latin Semantics I have ever seen in the time I have been teaching classical.  See Classical Content for images and SUBSCRIBE TODAY (see the bottom of page) to get YOUR FREE COPY of the sample sheets listed on the Classical Content page here In order to order your complete copy of this essential tool, see the blue box below or contact Duane at


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