Community – Making Classical Click – Part 1

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You’ve decided to embark on the Classical journey but where do you begin?  Do you enroll your students in a Classical school (at considerable expense usually), homeschool them, or join a Classical homeschool community and then, which one?  Just like any other decision, this one comes with much planning, thought, and prayer.

Why do we need a community?  Well, first of all, Classical education was never meant to be worked out alone.  There are no islands here.  There does need to be study, thought and reflection time, but these classical subjects are meant to be worked out with other people.  Socratic discussion requires people.  Unless you are a Latin teacher, you may need some help in unfamiliar territory.

Secondly, parents need support.  Just like any profession or trade, the older generation is called on to teach and disciple the younger generation.  Find someone who has made this journey before.  Ask lots of questions.  Be willing to try new things.  Above all, and this is the most important, DO NOT COMPARE yourself or your children to other families.

Finally, the Classical community is a source of inspiration and joy.  I’ve been part of many of these groups and I can tell you, each one is filled with wonderfully, talented and encouraging moms and sweet inquisitive students.  These moms will lift you up when you are deep in the valley.  They will offer support and encouragement.  They will share successes and failures.  Community is essential!

Over the next several posts, I would like to introduce you to those options by interviewing other parents who have gone before us, made those decisions, and have so much wisdom to share.  The range of options is wide.  I will first introduce you to a mom whom I highly respect who has tried several options and learned from each one.  We’ll visit several Classical homeschool communities including our own local Classical Conversations and Schole Academy.  We will also examine Classical private and charter schools!  That’s a lot to cover, so I hope to create a separate post for each community.

If you are part of a wonderful classical community, please share your success and thoughts.  I would love to include them in the appropriate posts.  Join me on this journey!


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