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NAPLES, ITALY - JULY 22 2015: Ancient Roman fresco showing the baker Terentius Neo and his wife, from Pompeii, House of Terentius at the Naples National Archaeological Museum.


Mrs. Seidman’s Class/Tutoring Availability – Spring 2017


Tuesdays     Learn Beyond the Book – Santa Clarita    

9:30 – 11        Speech/Debate/Logic Bootcamp

11-12:30         Latin Through Storytelling and Minecraft

1-2:30             Literary Analysis/Historical (Ancient) Fiction using Teaching the Classics


Wednesdays – Homeschool Campus

9:00-9:55       Burbank        Elementary Latin Through Storytelling and Minecraft

10:00-10:55   Burbank        IEW Medieval Based History Writing

11:00-11:55    Burbank        Speech/Debate/Logic Bootcamp

1:00-1:55        Burbank        IEW Fun and Fascinating


Thursdays – Learn Beyond the Book Sherman Oaks

9:30 – 11        IEW US Based History Writing – Part 2

11-12:30         Literary Analysis/Historical (Ancient) Fiction using Teaching the Classics

1-2:30             Latin Through Storytelling and Minecraft


Friday          Learn Beyond the Book – Santa Clarita    

9:30 – 11        Latin 1 – Part 2

1-2:30             Literary Analysis using short stories and Teaching the Classics


Speech/Debate/Logic Boot Camp (11 years and up)

Conquer your fears and prepare for success! Students prepare and deliver introductory, narrative, descriptive and persuasive speeches.  Preparation includes research, outline organization, rewriting and polishing speeches.  Students will deliver speeches in class as well as learn about local and national speech and debate competitions.  Students will also learn how debates work and do a few in class.  Students will even learn some informal logic, talk about logical fallacies and learn how to use this information during their debates.




Learning Latin Through Storytelling and Minecraft (4th-8th grade)

Salvete Latinists! Welcome to Elementary Latin.  Latin Through Storytelling is not like any other foreign language class you’ve ever experienced.  I use a grammar approach with the Lively Latin Big Book 1  to instill the basic paradigms. However, the most exciting part of my program is the storytelling component using

Each week students will be expected to complete homework (no more than 15 minutes per day).  Some of the assignments are memorization drill and others are creative storytelling using either drawing and writing skills or Google slides.

Since Latin is a language, a form of communication, I will ask students to practice pronunciation and conversational Latin in the classroom and with parents/siblings.

We will also use some fun Youtube videos implementing Latin through the popular Minecraft game.

No materials are necessary; however, I will expect students to come prepared with a 3-ring notebook, flashcards (3×5 index cards cut in half) with a bag or ring to hold them, pencils. Colored pencils,  scissors, and glue sticks will be needed at home.

High School Level Latin (7th grade – 12th grade)

Have you wanted your students to learn Latin, but are not confident about helping them? The Magistra will review and preview chapters to help students understand all pertinent material in class, play games to reinforce memory work and even perform a play in Latin!  Studies feature a unique blend of grammatical training and engaging reading of original Latin texts that will help maintain student interest and impart skill, capacity, and mastery. It also creates student enjoyment by illustrating the relevance of Latin in history, ancient and contemporary culture, the Romance languages, English derivatives, and the grammatical structure of English. Students will see in multiple ways the benefits of Latin study. By providing training in Roman culture, myths, and history (as well as robust Latin instruction). The high school level and subsequent classes will also prepare students for the National Latin Exam and the Latin Advanced Placement Exam.



Literary Analysis – 8th grade – 12th grade

Using Teaching the Classics, high school students will learn the foundations of literary analysis and Socratic discussions. Windows to the World provides a solid grounding in literary analysis—what to look for when we read a work of literature, the literary devices commonly used by authors and why they work well in addition to how authors succeed in conveying tone, theme, character, irony, point of view, and so forth. Socratic and literary circles provide the foundation of deeper critical thinking about the classics and how they are still relevant today.  A strong foundation in literary analysis is a prerequisite to high school American and British Literature classes.


IEW Medieval Based History Writing (all IEW classes available for private instruction)

Taught by IEW Certified Instructor Donna Seidman, students will study and write about civilizations, events, and major figures of the Middle Ages while learning IEW’s stylistic techniques and the nine structural units. These 31 lessons acquaint young learners with Charlemagne, the Vikings, knighthood, geniuses of the Renaissance, and more! (Single semester classes will cover 6 units.)



Historical Fiction – Cross Curricular

Integrating Ancient history with the novels Detectives in Togas and Mystery of the Roman Ransom,  students will learn about foundational literary analysis elements such as context, characters/setting, plot analysis, literary devices as well as connect historical events (relational understanding) and complete cross-curricular unit studies featuring Novel-Ties Unit Studies.


Donna Seidman – IEW Certified Instructor and CA Exhibitor, Author of


Donna Seidman, a Certified Instructor and California Exhibitor with IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) and a veteran homeschool mom of seven children, passionately promotes and teaches classical subjects throughout the Santa Clarita and San Fernando valleys. She encourages families and schools to pursue classical education in her new blog Donna received her Bachelors in English: British Studies at UCLA and continues to share her love of learning and language in both traditional and homeschool environments.


Her classical programs integrate Latin, formal logic, math, history, literature, and writing.  Additionally, she taught the 8th and 10th-grade levels of Classical Conversations for several years. She continually pursues advanced Latin classes to refine her conversational and translation skills in addition to private tutoring Latin students.  Her Latin classes prepare high school students for the National Latin Exams in the Spring. She continues to design, implement, and teach classical programs for charter school resource and tutoring centers.


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